This is My Season and It’s Okay

What is this picture you ask? No, it’s not an endorsement for Pampers and Huggies. And no, I am not stocking up diapers for a friend who just had a baby. The bounty represents the season of my life right now.

As it sits, diapers—yes, lot’s of them. And Pull-Ups too because Juliana is also doing potty training at school. Jessa has decided she is not ready to participate in potty training. Here’s what I mean; “Jessa, did you poop?”  A cute, resounding “Nooooooo” rings out. “Jessa, what’s this in your diaper?” I ask when it’s opened.

Silence. Dead silence.

Such is the life of a toddler mommy. And the haul that you see in the picture will get us through the month. Yes, I know it’s nuts. I don’t really gripe about it. And if you’re thinking, “Gosh, this must be costing a fortune!” The answer is not really. Because of this wonderful word: COUPON.

A lot of folks ran out to buy the iPhone 6 a few weeks ago. Most of my runs are for diapers. My husband’s runs mean he’s outside relieving stress by putting his feet to the pavement. That used to be me. And while we do possess a running stroller, I don’t really use it. I’ve got other things that I’ve gotta go run and do.

But, you know what. It’s fine by me. Because we will go around this bend just once.


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