Perhaps it Was the Best Week Yet

splash“Splish.” Not splash because I’m talking about a really shallow puddle.

That was the sound of Jessa’s water shoe hitting the pavement. What is better than playing in the rain? And the splishing was icing on the cake.

I’m feeling so good I couldn’t wait to get to the computer to write this post. At the time of this writing, we were just finishing up spring break and it was such a good time. Last year, we spent some time at the beach. But this year we stayed home and each day was filled with a simple, fun thing to do. Since the weather cooperated we got outside a lot. But when Friday came the clouds rolled in. We were scheduled to go to the park and feed the ducks. Rain. No worries. We fed the ducks  and hurried home so Jessa could get in some puddle splashing.

I would like to think that all the pollen swarming around in the Atlanta air landed on the girls like fairy dust and magically turned them into sweet little toddlers last week. But, I know that is very far from the truth. I was the difference. Just a slight change of attitude took our spring break from “Oh boy” to “SHAZAM!”

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by having both girls home. Tantrums were still in full swing, but I didn’t let them get to me. My patience was almost Job like. When people say that there is power in words I believe that. About a week before spring break, I read this post from Kathryn Jackson. She is a special needs mom who also blogs. This particular post was all about summer and the added stress that it brings for her. Kathryn helped me see that what I feel at break-from-school time is quite normal and that those anxieties could be put to rest with a plan and some prayer.

Suddenly, I knew I didn’t want to dwell on the stress and anxiety that the time would bring. I wanted to go through it at peace with myself for the joy and challenges that were coming. And that is exactly what happened.


Easy There, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

So, I’m in my moms’ group Bible study the other day and the question was raised, “What do you do to help you get away from stress and be yourself?” Of course, being the brown-noser that I am (hey, just kidding). I quickly responded, “I have to decorate. And then when I decorate something, I just go back and change it to decorate it again.”

I promise I’m not nuts and I know there are people out there just like me. My husband, Lamar runs. I mean like Forest Gump running. He’s way outta control with it, but that’s aarmoire whole different story.

Since I’m getting back in the saddle on my writing, I’m taking it easy and not delving too deep into big topics. No research, no interviews–yet. But, since I’ve been gone so long, I thought it was the perfect time to share an update to my healthy distraction post. The post was all about putting my attention on something creative to give me a rest from a crazy summer.

Voila! Look what can happen when you need to de-stress. I won’t go through the details of how I painted this dresser two other times before I armoire3finally fell in love with it like this. But I will proudly share that it took me about two years from the time I bought it to get it done. I’m happy about that because I truly believe the saying from the Tortoise and the Hare that ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

I’m winning the race against stress, busyness, tantrums and a host of other things we’d all rather not think about. There are so many projects in my house calling my name. Ohhh, I am going to be sooooo healthy when all is said and done.

Getting Back in the Saddle AGAIN

How often do you get off-track in your life?  I don’t mean the go-into-the-next-room and get sidetracked off-track. I mean a near total derailment of what your ordinary routine, life schedule and being has been. That is how I would describe the last 6 months that I have been away from Juliana’s Journal.

Unlike the block that I had last year when I lost a dear friend, I feel like I floated through fall and winter just trying to get back to me. It’s too hard and long to describe. So, I am not going to try. I’m just happy that I feel like myself again, and I’m ready to get back to sharing the good things that continue to come my way as a special needs mom.

I won’t try to make up for all the months that I didn’t share. Just know that all is well in this special needs life and there are more good things that I’m just itching to write about.