3 Steps to Keep You from Quitting

I read an article in the paper this morning about a woman who got published after 27 years of trying to write a book. 27 years. We all know how easy it is to give up on something after a few weeks into a first-of- the- year resolution. I’ve loved books and reading for as long as I can remember and one of the things on my wish list has been to write a book of my own.

On May 2nd, I get to make that dream come true when my e-book Forward is officially released at Juliana’s Journal.

slow and steady is a real mantra that can help you finish whatever race you’re hoping to win.

The e-book is a first steps guide for parents who are facing their first days, weeks and months as a special needs parent. A year ago, I didn’t think the book would ever get finished. But I’m really proud that after ONLY THREE YEARS of writing, I actually finished the 34-page project.

With the full days of surprises and challenges we face, it seemed like there would be a start but no end. But this is what I learned; when you want to quit something important, there is a way to fight through that. Here are 3 steps you might try the next time you want to quit something that you need to finish:

Pause: Give yourself a time-out to think about your objective and devise a new action plan.

Slow Down: Realize that slow and steady really can win the race. It’s not about how fast the accomplishment is achieved, but that it gets done.

Wait: Decide how long your pause will be. Then, when you’re ready to move again with your new action plan, you’ll be motivated and ready to complete the task at hand.

Of the three steps mentioned above, waiting was the most difficult. Waiting to be ready. Waiting for the right words. Waiting for the motivation. Then, one day after a year of not working on the draft, I knew it was time to move on and finish the e-book. What I originally planned to do in about three months took three years. And I’m totally okay with that. The key is that I never quit.

Well, how about you? What dreams are you holding in your heart? Remember it’s never too late and slow and steady is a real mantra that can help you finish whatever race you’re hoping to win.

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Training Daze

You may not be able to tell from the photo, but you are looking at a world class athlete in training right now. Do you see that squint? That’s hard work there, baby! Move over runners, Juliana is lacing (okay velcroing) her sneakers in prep for the annual Angelman Sydrome Walk on May 20th. Last year, Lamar pushed her in the jogging stroller for the 5K. This year, she will WALK in the .25 mile event. We are beyond excited.

I know I am biased as all parents are when it comes to their kiddos. But, my kid is a rock star! Every time I see her run I am nearly in tears. The wide gait in her steps is almost non-existent. She loses her balance sometimes and falls a lot, but she keeps going. While she still transitions to steps with help, I know it won’t be long before she can master them on her own. Yes, I’m caught up in a can’t-believe-it-daze as I remember her big, clunky walker that would barely fit in my SUV; or the time that she needed help walking around the school track.

Now, she’s in “training.” So, I’ll say it again. My kid is a rock star! If you’d like to join our team–Joggers for Juliana in raising money for Angelman Syndrome awareness and research, you can do so here. And please know that no donation is too small.

It’s a Do-Nothing Day/Moment

Today is an official “do nothing” day. Of course I am doing things–getting the girls off to school, processing my business taxes, laundry, etc… But it is the first day I have had in months to sit and piddle (mindless moving from one vague task to another). I cleared up some things last week to be able to do a few things I WANT to do (vastly different from what I MUST do). I can’t explain how much I enjoy these rare moments of nothingness. For me, it’s like a reset button and almost as tranquil as relaxing at the beach. I took the pic above from a beach chair in St. Croix last November. Yes, I’m sitting at my laptop now, but my thoughts are of sun and sand. If I try hard enough, I think I can feel the warmth on my face. Okay, back to reality now. Big sigh.

What moments of nothingness help you reset?