Home and Horror Series, Part 5: Bigger Bed, Sweeter Dreams

Believe it or not, there is actually something scarier than Jason, Freddy Krueger and the fake skeletons in a neighbor’s yard.

Okay, wait for it–making a safety bed for your kid!!

In September, I posted about this trip to Home Depot to get our supplies for the project. “It’s my worst DIY ever,” I confessed to Lamar the other day as we were finishing up. “This was hard and horrible.”

I will spare you the crazy details. But, I wanted to close out this series announcing that Juliana’s “big girl” bed is complete! As a matter of fact, she and Jessa are upstairs having a pre-trick-or-treats nap as I write this post.

Someday, I’m sure I will write about all the scary details of this project that started from a rejection from the insurance company for a “real” safety bed.

We officially finished it last Saturday, but I was too numb and sleep deprived to write. We hooped, hollered, danced and celebrated that the project was finally done!! Check out the vid of Juliana enjoying her new bed. Her shrieks of joy made this project worth every nail and all the sweat equity put into it.

Sweeter dreams, sweet girl.

Home and Horror Series, Part 4: Purge!

Something ENERGIZING happened to me on Friday! And the advice I’m about to give is contrary to the way most people live.

I’m not ever trying to offend anyone when I write. I live. I share. I tell what works for me. So, I won’t be bothered if you don’t agree with this thought:

When in doubt, toss it out!

Yes, really.

This home and horror series has been all about things around my home that have been a little scary and pretty great. It wouldn’t be fair to go through the series without talking about one of the things that keep me and our home life intact: PURGING.

I’m not talking about the trends in minimalism or KonMari—the life-changing tidying up method by guru Marie Kondo. I’ve had my own version of KonMari for most of my life. I feel like junk weighs me down. Aren’t we all busy enough that we don’t need more things to clean or maintain?

If I don’t need or use something anymore, I get rid of it. Now, of course I’m not talking about important papers or kindergarten masterpieces from my girls. But you know the stuff–the clothes that don’t fit anymore. The broken things that won’t ever get repaired. You know.

This week, we are still fighting our battle with water. And since I can’t do much to change that right now, I took to the attic to prep my “Goodwill box.” This is the box that stays in our attic and I fill it up year-round.

Then, I make a really, huge trip and PURGE. I’ve been overdue with the trip, so things were spilling out everywhere and there was furniture and toys that simply had to get outta my house!

I know. This is too simple. Who gets excited about getting rid of stuff? Me, and a whole lot of other people. While I am not a KonMari follower, 8 million people who bought her book aren’t following her advice for nothing.

There’s something in her simplicity of ridding our lives of clutter. I trust her simple principle: keep only what “sparks joy”.

There’s enough bad and crazy going on in the world. So, when I’m home, I want to look around and find things that bring me comfort and “spark joy”. The other part of the purge is that I’m donating good stuff so it’s always something that I know someone else will be able to use.

With the holidays right around the corner, I picked the perfect time for a purge. Need an energy boost? This one won’t cost you anything other than a quick trip to the thrift store of your choice.

Remember, when in doubt, toss it out.

Home and Horror Series Part 3: Water, Acceptance and Turtles, Oh My

My house it is acting out right now.

Not Amityville Horror type acting out. Because well, that was a movie. And an old movie at that.

Havoc is being wreaked on the place where I find my comfort—my safe place. There are no spirits trying to run us out of our house. But there is the dreaded “W” word haunting us.

W  A  T  E  R

We have lived in our home for almost 10 years and at some time or another there has been a water leak. I’m just plain sick and tired of it. Not counting the dollars poured into finding our most recent water leak, the water leaves a musty smell in the air that I don’t like. Yuck!!

Last Sunday, Lamar and I spent a water soaked afternoon in the rain trying to find the source of our latest nemesis–water slipping into the house through a small “invisible” trickle somewhere in front.

When I look back on it, it was so silly. I got one of my favorite tops soaked and nearly ruined out in that rain. We had a big fuss ordering each other around in the downpour and didn’t really resolve anything. What a waste of time!

But this is not a story about rain or water. It’s one about acceptance. Fast forward a week later and the water issue is far from my mind and far from resolved.

“It’s probably gonna rain again before we can get the repair guy out here later this week. Oh well,” I told Lamar. And I really meant it. I’m not happy about the water, I’m just over it.

Will it cost us a bit of money to find and repair that invisible water? Yes. But, I’m not gonna waste any more time and effort worrying about it and the damage it is causing.

I’m not a worrier by nature, but I am a fixer. And sometimes I waste too much time and effort trying to fix things that usually work themselves out.

Not today. I’m stopping myself cold. I’m gonna go eat some hot wings and treat myself to some Turtles—the candy, not the amphibian. When the rain comes tomorrow, I’ll dry it up again and move on.

Is there something you are trying to fix that you need to let be? It might be something bigger than water, but it doesn’t matter. The moment you let go of something and just accept it. That’s when the opportunity seems to come for real “fixing.”

I say stop fixing and have a Turtle instead.

Lamar said he is not over the water. I think I’d better share some of my Turtles. They seem to be working well for me today.