Altering Expectations Leads to Healthy Distractions

I’m still trying to figure armoireout if I’m on a mission to prove something—to myself that is. A few weeks ago I got this idea in my head to start checking off some projects on my mental to do list. The one that came to mind is an armoire I bought last year that I’ve been meaning to re-finish. I think I’m intent on convincing myself that I don’t have to put things I enjoy on hold because I’m a special needs mom and my life is a little crazier than usual. This is my new philosophy on how to get things completed:

Start with a realistic expectation: I still set goals and deadlines, but I know that they will probably change. This attitude helps me stay encouraged so that I don’t feel like I’m a quitter.

Stop when I have to: It’s those moments, days or weeks when a big or little crisis will make it impossible to do anything but manage the situation at hand. So I take the time to focus on that and then get back on track.

Finish: This is where I let myself off the hook. Instead of trying to do things in record time, my goal is to get it done. Period. Last year, it took me six months to re-do our kitchen cabinets (a normal weekend project), but at least I can say it’s done.

Simple, right? Well, with all that is usually going on in our house, it has to be. I’m a doer by nature, but I find that I get myself in trouble when I have so much that I want to do. None of us can do it all. And there is no better way to sabotage yourself than to take on more than you can do. It overwhelms me to the point that I become ineffective and I can’t afford to go there. So, this is not really just about re-doing an armoire. It’s about me giving myself little bits of things that I enjoy wherever I can find it. This month, it comes in the form of an armoire.

It’s summer and that means that Juliana is out of school so that leaves very little down time during the day. She is going through a phase of extreme fussiness, tantrums and a lot of reflux. I contemplated if this is a good time to do a project and I decided it is. The armoire will serve as a healthy distraction while we adjust to our summer routine.

Do you have an armoire? Figuratively speaking of course. I guess I’m asking if you have a hobby or something that gives you an outlet even when things are busy or shifting around you. It means that whether things are up or down for you that you have a healthy distraction.

I’m still a believer in the saying that you eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time. I used to take this philosophy and plow through things with big bites. Now, my bites are in little nibbles, but hey they still get me there.

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