‘Cause It’s Summertime

If you are a parent of a school-aged child this is when you get to take a deep, deep breath. If you are a teacher, this is when you smile and think about how much later you’ll soon get to sleep.

When I was a very young, childless and a not-so-clued-in teacher, I would shake my head at the parents who didn’t look forward to having their kids home for summer. In my mind I thought “Hey, they’re yours and you knew summer was coming.” I know, I know. It was judgmental and wrong. No worries though. I have grown.

And since I have grown, I also know when it’s time to shift gears. While I enjoy blogging and keeping everyone in the loop with Juliana and our family, I’m excited to say that I’m taking off from writing this summer to hang out and just “be”.

Soon enough it will be fall and I should be back in writing mode. There will be lots of catching up to do–I’m hoping to finally get my E-book edited, Juliana is headed to kindergarten and Jessa will be turning four. Where is the time going?

However you plan to spend your summer days, I do hope they will include lots of sunshine and all the fun, guilty pleasures that only summer can bring.

See you in September.


  1. Ashlie
    • May 26, 2015
    • 1:19 pm
    • Reply

    I hope you guys have a great summer. Can’t believe Juliana will be in Kindergarten and Jessa will be four!!

    • Sabrina
      • May 27, 2015
      • 1:52 pm
      • Reply

      I know–the time is flying and I’m just trying to cherish every moment even when it’s crazy. Hope you have a good summer too.

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