Feeling Good ’bout Something New: Part 1

ball1So, I’m feeling really excited about something new that we are going to try with Juliana. Remember how I reported the quick turnaround that she has had with school? Well, in a quick conversation with her in-school speech therapist last week, we set up a meeting to implement some of the communication strategies that have been working at school.

The short of it is this–the ooey, gooey ball that is pictured at top will hopefully be a catalyst for a good transition at meal time. Each night during dinner prep, I go about my  business to start cooking. Jessa plays; Juliana has other intentions. Instead of playing or busying herself with anything else, Juliana is peering around and stepping all over me to get a quick grab at dinner. All this occurs while I’m trying to keep her from getting burned and manage pots, pans and Jessa. And no matter how much I tell Juliana dinner isn’t ready yet, she is adamant (meaning really fussy) about being ready to eat.

My attempts to get her to wait have been hit or miss. I know what you’re thinking–just get her outta my kitchen, right? That’s what we used to do. But one day in doing that, I realized that we were not teaching her patience during one of the most important activities of the day. We were creating a “I wanna eat now” volcano that would erupt whenever the food wasn’t sitting right in front of her so she could dive right in. When Juliana wants food, she wants it right then and there. So, no longer do we have her hanging out with daddy and showing up when the meal is done. We are working on the concept of waiting and in doing that, she has to see and feel what that means.

Now that sends me back to the ooey, gooey ball. It’s an important part of this communication trial. Check back in next week so I can explain more of what the ball is for and how we will use it. This will either be really fun or really frustrating. I’m anxious to find out which it will be.


  1. Tom and Cheryl
    • August 30, 2014
    • 11:00 am
    • Reply

    Sounds interesting…your babysitters are ready, willing and able to give you guys a night out. So, think ahead a little and let us know when!!

    • Sabrina
      • September 6, 2014
      • 7:55 pm
      • Reply

      Yes, it’s good stuff although it will take some time to get us all used to the new method. We are not forgetting about our date this month and so appreciate you guys being there for us. Your support means more than you will ever know.

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