goals finalAs we were doing something random yesterday, my husband Lamar said something like “I guess we’d better make some new goals for the New Year, huh?” “Yeah, we sure do,” I replied rather vaguely. Then, the conversation moved on. But, his statement got my brain to churning. And then I felt bad. Immediately I thought, okay don’t beat yourself up, you can do goals again. I say again, because I haven’t done real goals—the way I used to since my kids were born. 2014 will be different.

When I say goals, I in no way mean New Year’s resolution. I like the idea of goals because they help me think about what I truly want to accomplish for the upcoming year. Generally, I go through seven categories in relation to health, money, family, faith, etc. Resolutions are easy. Goals are life-changing. And when the kids were born, life took on a new path all its own. Suddenly, my seven-solution goal plan didn’t seem to make sense. The goals were hard to accomplish because I had failed to make them fit my new life. Then came the frustration, defeat and negative talk. Why should I set goals? I’m just trying to survive toddler-hood, temper tantrums and a diagnosis that I can’t wrap my head around. I don’t have time to plan for tomorrow when I’m trying to scrape through today. Bad thinking. I was simply wrong, wrong, wrong.

That seed planting I did years ago with my goals is what has helped me be where I am today. It has been my road-map and I have been traveling without it. On most occasions I make it through my days just fine, but I don’t want to keep making it through. I want to take my new responsibilities with all their twists, turns and uncertainties and thrive.

Now I say onward and upward. I am no longer in shock from Juliana’s diagnosis; well, on most days. Life with a two year old changes by the minute it seems. But, I’m realizing that neither my goals nor dreams should stop because of the changes and challenges we are facing right now. So, while we are still several days away from welcoming 2014, my goal is to have my goals completed by January 4th. This gives me plenty of time and some much needed wiggle room for any hiccups that may come. If you’ve been like me and abandoned your personal goals for one reason or another, I hope you’ll pick them up again. Without a map, it’s hard to get to an unknown destination. Why would navigating through life without a plan be any easier?

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