Grateful for My Ability to Create

Read this carefully–YOU ARE GOOD AT SOMETHING! We all are. I’m a believer that each person is given a gift of specific talents that makes him/her uniquely special. I like decorating, organizing and making things beautiful. The photo above is a bedroom makeover I did for a friend’s teenage daughter some years ago (yes, there is a dinosaur TV on the dresser that no teen would dare have today).

Here’s the before:

Transforming that room was hard work as I painted all the walls and furniture, and re-covered a chair to cut costs. What talents are you hiding? Is there something you do well that you’re not putting to use?

It’s nice when people compliment my projects, but the work never seems like a big deal to me. I’ve been given a gift of creation and I love it when I can use those talents to make beautiful/functional things for myself or others. It helps me stay sane!

Armed with my tools of the trade (hammer, glue gun, stapler and drill–no saws because I’m terrified of them), I can create some nifty stuff. This is me.

What are you grateful for today?

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