Heroism Saves You: Everyday Hero, part 4

Simply being there to meet a need for someone is a game and life changer.

When I was putting my thoughts together for this last post in the everyday hero series, I remembered a speech that my niece Kelsey gave in her high school speech class many, many years ago. I wasn’t there for the speech, but her mom sent me a copy of the outline that Kelsey used to make her presentation.

I can’t remember how long I cried not only after reading my story through someone else’s eyes, but also thinking about the impact of our decision to adopt Juliana. In her own words, Kelsey outlined our trials through infertility, and the joys and difficulties faced when Juliana and then Jessa came along. Here is the conclusion of Kelsey’s speech titled, My Hero:

My Aunt Sabrina continues to love her husband and her family.

~My aunt is my hero because she continues through her life living in joy.

~She hasn’t and never will give up on Juliana.

~She continues to love and care for her.

~She has taught me to rejoice in the Lord always, even when life gets tough.

~If I could tell her one thing, it would be that she is an amazing, beautiful woman who has been an excellent example to me.

And that is why my Aunt Sabrina is my hero.

When people see us with Juliana and learn about her challenges, they praise us for our courage and strength. They tell us how lucky she is to have us. We’ve thought some about that, but Lamar and I see things differently. She saved us too.

We wanted to be parents. We wanted to have a family and she made that dream come true for us. I’m a different me; a better me since she came into our lives. I get to tell our story and touch others through this blog. It wouldn’t be possible if Juliana hadn’t saved the day for us.

I can’t attest to it in every situation, but I believe that’s the way it is with everyday heroes. You affect change in the lives of the people for whom you show up. While you are busy saving the day for them, they save the day for you.

The time has gone so fast in this series. I’ve laid out what everyday heroism means to me and by doing so I hope it has a different meaning for you. Simply being there to meet a need for someone is a game and life changer.

I’ve put it out there the best I know how. I hope it will make a difference in some lives. Showing up certainly changed us.

When the next chance comes, will you step up to be an everyday hero? You never know what awaits you.

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