Home and Horror Series, Part 5: Bigger Bed, Sweeter Dreams

Believe it or not, there is actually something scarier than Jason, Freddy Krueger and the fake skeletons in a neighbor’s yard.

Okay, wait for it–making a safety bed for your kid!!

In September, I posted about this trip to Home Depot to get our supplies for the project. “It’s my worst DIY ever,” I confessed to Lamar the other day as we were finishing up. “This was hard and horrible.”

I will spare you the crazy details. But, I wanted to close out this series announcing that Juliana’s “big girl” bed is complete! As a matter of fact, she and Jessa are upstairs having a pre-trick-or-treats nap as I write this post.

Someday, I’m sure I will write about all the scary details of this project that started from a rejection from the insurance company for a “real” safety bed.

We officially finished it last Saturday, but I was too numb and sleep deprived to write. We hooped, hollered, danced and celebrated that the project was finally done!! Check out the vid of Juliana enjoying her new bed. Her shrieks of joy made this project worth every nail and all the sweat equity put into it.

Sweeter dreams, sweet girl.

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