daisyI started out in a mood today. Not a bad mood. I would call it a yellow one. Kinda like when kids are at school and they either get green for good, yellow for watch out or red for stop. But here’s the good thing. I was very aware of my yellow mood, so I made a quiet promise to myself to turn the day around.

When I woke up this morning, I already knew there was gonna be a lot going on; storytime with my two year old, Gluten Free bread baking, an appointment for updating our life insurance, haggling over medical insurance, and all the other regular stuff. Then the day would be topped off with a very late afternoon appointment with Juliana for Occupational therapy (OT). Whew! I wanted to pull the covers up just thinking about it.

But the day turned around by lunchtime. I reminded myself how we had been waiting since summer to get Juliana into OT. Then, I further remembered how important this is. She is not getting OT in Pre-K yet. So we are doing outside therapy until she can get it in school. Yes, we are having yet another schedule change. And yes Jessa will be squirmy while we wait for Juliana to “play” with the therapist. But it really is okay.

There will be plenty of days like this and what I’m feeling is pretty normal. But, I also remembered a previous post that I did about Control. I’m giving myself a little tap on the hand, because I do know better. And I’m giving myself a big pat on the back because I just thought of a project I’ve been contemplating. I didn’t want to start it yet because I wanted some down time. But then again, I need something that will get me excited about this long day. That means that we’ll make a quick detour on the way home from therapy and I’ll have the goodies on hand when I’m ready to get started on that new project.

Now the day is really looking up. And I didn’t add any extra calories (icecream, candy or the like) or have to call a friend to vent. Yep, I’m feeling pretty good. Now, I’ll have to make a mental note of this post so that when I’m yellow again, I can turn myself around really fast. What color would you call your mood today? I do hope it’s green. But, if you’re not feeling very green, what will you do for yourself to move that yellow or red mood over?


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