Soup As a Cure for Monotony

Do you ever have moments of monotony?

Surely, I can’t be the only one. It’s those moments when nothing is wrong, but there is nothing really spectacular about the day or week. Just living.

Interestingly, I’ve come to expect and sometimes rely on that monotony as refuge. But this summer, after a long bout of clouds and rain, I wanted something to dazzle our week; like adding an accessory.

I still don’t know how I pulled this off and the idea came to me at the last minute.

“Jessa, we’re doing something fun tonight at dinner,” I said with my big surprise voice. “Today, you and me are gonna make silly hats for everybody and then we’ll wear them tonight at dinner. Fun, huh?”

“Oh yeah, that sounds like fun! When do we start?” “Let me get the supplies and we’ll get ready,” I said.

Thus began our week of breaking through the clouds of monotony. I just wanted something different and while I hadn’t planned on it, this is what our week of monotony-breaking looked like:

Monday: Soup and silly hats and dinner in Daddy’s man cave

Tuesday: Indoor picnic in the living room

Wednesday: Breakfast in bed (yes, we all got in bed, ate breakfast and watched tv shows)

Thursday: A day at the beach, picnic style in Jessa’s room

Friday:  Popcorn, sweet treats & movie night in Juliana’s room

Saturday & Sunday: Normal–’cause mommy was tired of planning:).

When the beginning of the week started, I had no plans to have a theme week of meals and fun. I just thought we’d do something different.

But I couldn’t resist continuing the fun plans when Jessa asked where we would be having dinner on Tuesday night. As the week went on, everyone got a kick out of discovering where we would be eating our next meal.

Soup and silly hats may not be what you need. But the next time monotony hits, think around the box and do something different.

Let creativity be your guide to treating yourself or your family to something to make the day or week a little more special.

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