Taking a Moment to Wheel and Weeee!

trikeWhatever we do in a day, we should make it an absolute must not to miss the opportunity for the little pleasures that can turn a regular day into a great one. The other day when I left the house, I didn’t think I’d have a “Wee” moment. But thanks to my three year old I did.

Jessa and I went about our normal routine of pre-k and mom’s bible study. When we left the house, it was cloudy and raining. “It’s a beautiful day,” I told Jessa. And I meant it. I used to dislike cloudy days until I started really stopping to notice how they bring a different glint of pretty than a sunny day. I noticed the leaves of brilliant orange and there was just the right amount of coolness in the air. So I was a little bummed when I got out of my study and the sun was shining. There went all my plans to snuggle inside and enjoy the cool air. But then a better plan came to mind.

As we pulled into the driveway, I said, “It’s so pretty outside, Jessa. Would you like to take a walk?” Then I thought oh, I meant to tell her we were taking a walk to take away the option of her answering no. “I’d like to take a ride on my trike,” she responded. Oh boy, I thought. Trike means mommy stooping down so long that her back will hurt. Trike means Jessa steering out of control and me having to stop her on time. Trike means I have to change my shoes when I was really rockin’ my cute boots. “Okay, trike it is,” I cheerily replied. I headed into the house to gather a quick snack, the trike and helmet. “Oh mommy. I need my camera!” “Okay,” I say in a really nice voice. But in my head I’m thinking we should have just stuck to our routine to go on inside the house.

But I’m so glad I veered from the routine. Jessa took off on her trike and because she’s gotten so good, I didn’t have to stoop too much. “Weeee!” she screamed out as she went racing down the hill with her feet barely able to keep up with the pedals. I kept a steady pace next to her and she was flying. Jessa still insists on looking over her shoulder when she pedals and that day was no different. Looking backwards is a bad idea when going downhill on a plastic toddler trike at breakneck speed. I caught her just in time before she tumbled and a nasty sidewalk wreck occurred. I thought she would get off the trike crying, but she immediately broke out into a thunderous laugh. We both laughed hysterically at the near miss.

Right about the time this was happening our mail carrier came roaring down the hill. We have seen the mail truck a thousand times, but being so close to it brought out a new level of excitement and fascination for Jessa. “Mommy, I need my camera to get a picture of the mail truck.” “Really? Okay,” I said as I handed it over wondering why she would want a picture of it. But she was too excited for me to steal her moment, and we zoomed in to get a good picture.


The near miss and mail truck photo op were the sweetest moments of innocence, giddiness and joy all at once and I’m glad I didn’t miss it. Sometimes, all we need to do is stop to take a close look at those little adventures that can bring a happy moment from the simplest of things.

Are you looking closely? Are you taking a moment? Let’s promise not to miss the little pleasures.

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