The Must-Hear Christmas Playlist

Nothing says holiday spirit like two cute kids smiling near a Christmas tree. This time last week, there was a big chill in the air and a MOUNTAIN OF SNOW (okay inches) that kicked my Christmas spirit into high gear. I think that kinda counts as a white Christmas.

What, you say you’re not there yet? Then check out my brand-new You Tube channel and my first ever playlist! Yes, I know there are 8-year olds with You Tube channels. This is a big deal for me, so work with me on the excitement!

I’m sharing Christmas favorites that I can’t go without during this festive season. You’ll find old classics and new ones that will make you smile, relax and appreciate this season of gifts and giving.

Here’s Jessa in her debut performance of a new classic. The original “Noel” is sung by the award- winning Christian artist, Lauren Daigle. 

It’s a close tie as to who sings it best. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

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