To (Bed) Labor is to Love

I am happy for the millions of Americans who will be taking to the roads and skies this weekend to enjoy the last holiday of summer 2017.

We will not be flying anywhere. (sad face)

Or driving anywhere. (sad face)

But a DIY project is on the way. (happy face, kinda)

Holidays in our home have a dual meaning. Fun + project. There is always something to fix, improve or make in our house. “Welcome to home ownership,” I say to Lamar mockingly every time something needs to be fixed and we don’t want to do it. It seems it never ends.

There are those must do’s and the wanna do’s. I love the wanna do’s—like the cool coat hanger that I have been trying to make for the last 3 falls. Every year, I say, “This is it. I’m gonna get it done!”

I don’t get to do that project this weekend. (sad face)

But I finally bought the materials for it so, soon.

Juliana has outgrown her modified crib that we upgraded for her a few seasons ago. Lamar has announced numerous times, “Juliana needed to be out of her old bed like yesterday!” “We’ll fit it in over the holiday weekend. I meant what I said about no more multitasking!” I screamed at him with a smile.

So, we’re ready to get at it, another DIY safety bed. I’m not thrilled about this project because there will be a lot of measuring involved. I love DIY—measuring not so much and my apologies to all the math teachers who just cringed.

Back to the bed. It won’t be finished this weekend because there’s TOO much measuring and wood cutting to be done. (sad face)

As you’re out on the lake, frolicking, or whatever else you are doing to celebrate your day of non-labor, send some happy measuring thoughts my way.

I’m ready to get this done so I can move on to my coat hanger (big, big happy face + Snoopy dance).


  1. Anonymous
    • September 3, 2017
    • 10:37 am
    • Reply

    I always love reading about your lives Sabrina. It puts a smile on my face and encourages me to see day to day life with a positive outlook! Thank you!!

    • Sabrina
      • September 3, 2017
      • 11:05 am
      • Reply

      Awwww thanks so much! You just made my (Labor) day. That makes me feel so good because that is my goal. There is more than enough drama and chaos in the world. I try to keep it out of my heart and home! I like having my own little corner of positivity.

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