When Days Are Just Plain Old Good

julesfirelastSo grateful for a day like the one we had last Saturday. When things are just so good that you want to bottle them up. Can I have a few more of these? There was nothing to rush off to that day. No appointments. No major meltdowns. Love it!

We started out having a normal Saturday. Lamar likes to take one of the girls to breakfast and then the other cutie  stays home with me. If Jessa is home, it means I get a few extra winks. Juliana is always up early, so there is no lingering with her. Her screams say “Mommy, I’m ready for breakfast. Now!” 

jessafirelastWell, I got those few extra winks and the morning was slow and easy; the afternoon was even better.  And because it finally decided to turn into fall, we pulled out the fire pit. Yes, in the middle of the day. Why not?

Jessa insisted that she needed gloves and her hood on because it was sooo cold. “Mommy, I’ve got to have my gloves!”, she exclaimed as she went to build her own mud fire like daddy’s real one.

The girls dashed to and fro’ and the combination of water table, fire, iPad, sun and wind were just perfect. I didn’t get a shot of the real fire because I was too busy guarding the girls so they wouldn’t get too close. But it was warm and great.

I looked at my family enjoying the beautiful day and I just smiled inside and out. Oh man. I love when things are just plain old good.


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