Wonder Woman

wonderwomanSo today we spent time catching up with some very dear friends. It was good. It’s funny how life moves so fast and you don’t always get time to do things with the people you care about. These friends live about five minutes from us, but matching schedules for an evening in or out can be challenging. There are still groups of our friends who don’t realize that we now have an official diagnosis for Juliana. Tonight I was sharing with my friend how crazy our days can be with therapy, special diets and all the regular stuff that goes with being a special needs parent and the parent of a toddler.

My friend had no idea and I basically told her that I don’t have the time to sit around telling my woes to other people; that my goal is to be as positive as I can about this whole situation. She applauded me and told me that she was baffled to learn about all that we were doing and dealing with. And she said something like that’s amazing because not everyone is wired to handle something like this. When I got home I couldn’t sleep (too much fun in one evening I guess) and I kept thinking about what she said. I was also thinking about a comment that my husband made from someone at Juliana’s school saying what a great job we are doing with her.

Wonder Woman kept popping into my head; the invisible plane flying, lasso wearing, superhero. As I kid, I loved watching the TV show Wonder Woman and no matter what tight spot she got into, she always got out of it at the end of the show. A special treat came when she would fight off bullets with her snazzy bracelets. For all the praise that my friend gave me, we joked about the fact that I am not crazy. She said “I can’t believe you are not ready for the funny farm.” My reply was that I was going to get a seasonal pass. As I sit here thinking about Wonder Woman, I am not at all feeling that I am doing such a fantastic job. I do my best, and just keep plugging away. And this is why the word is popping into my head—I’m thinking it in terms of “I WONDER how I am able to do this? At 45 years old, how am I chasing a toddler and guiding my daughter who can’t walk yet? It seems that my life has been filled with one challenge after another so how do I have the energy, drive and strength to keep going?” I know my faith gets me through a lot and maybe that’s what does it. I have no idea.

And what about you? Are you a Wonder Woman? Or a Wonder Man for that matter? Do you ever think about what keeps you going and how all the pieces just fall into place despite the chaos? However it does happen, aren’t you just glad for it? I am. Because I know there are a lot of people out there that face so much but may not have the ability to keep going in the midst of trials, struggle or adversity. I won’t spend too much more time wondering tonight because it’s getting late. For now, I’m just thankful for the ability to keep going and on most days to do it while wearing a smile.

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